Karol G Reigns as Vevo’s Global ‘Most Watched Artist’, Taylor Swift Tops in the U.S.


  • Karol G reigns as Vevo’s global ‘Most Watched Artist’ — a third consecutive year with 4.7 billion views.
  • Taylor Swift takes the U.S. crown on Vevo and shines in the UK — her Eras Tour makes historical revenue.
  • “TQG” by Karol G & Shakira emerges as the year’s global ‘Most Watched Music Video.’
  • Social media remains a key driver in music discovery and viewership trends.

Karol G’s Continued Global Supremacy

Karol G continues her reign as Vevo’s global powerhouse, attracting a staggering 4.7 billion views in 2023 — her third consecutive year at the top. Shakira, with 3.2 billion views, and Taylor Swift, with 3 billion views, closely follow, underscoring the significant global appeal of these artists. The list also includes prominent names like The Weeknd and Feid, illustrating the diverse musical tastes resonating worldwide.

Graphic showcasing Vevo's Global Top 10 Artists of 2023 with Karol G leading at 4.7 billion views, followed by Shakira, Taylor Swift, and others.
Vevo 2023 Global Top 10 Artists Infographic

Taylor Swift’s Remarkable U.S. and UK Impact

Taylor Swift, with 649.5 million views, claims the top spot in the U.S. on Vevo, following her record-breaking year, including the historic Eras Tour. Her influence also extends to the UK, where she ranks as Vevo’s ‘Most Watched Artist,’ solidifying her global star power.

Infographic displaying Vevo's US Top 10 Artists of 2023, with Taylor Swift leading at 649.5 million views, followed by Lil Baby, Karol G, and other artists.
Vevo 2023 US Top 10 Artists Chart

Top Music Videos and Global Trends

“TQG” by Karol G & Shakira leads as the ‘Most Watched Music Video’ globally in 2023, with 880 million views, reflecting its wide appeal. In the U.S., Toosii’s “Favorite Song” tops the charts, while Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” marks the most significant U.S. debut on Vevo, showcasing diverse musical preferences.

Social Media Impact

Social media’s role in music discovery remains pivotal, with Vevo’s data indicating a large portion of viewers find new music through these platforms. This trend emphasizes the evolving landscape of music consumption in the digital era.

Television and Pop Culture

Major TV events and cultural moments significantly influence music video viewership. For example, Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance led to a significant increase in her music video views on Vevo, illustrating the powerful interplay between live performances and digital viewership.

Diverse Artists and Genres in Vevo’s Rankings

The charts reflect a diverse array of musical tastes, with artists like Eminem, Romeo Santos, and Imagine Dragons also achieving high viewership. This diversity represents the broad spectrum of music resonating with global audiences, from hip-hop and reggaeton to pop and rock.

The Evolving World of Music Videos

As Vevo prepares for another year of chart-topping hits and viral music videos, its role in shaping and reflecting global music trends is undeniable. Music videos continue to be a significant part of pop culture, playing a vital role in shaping global music preferences and cultural narratives.

Vevo Chart Diversity

Vevo’s charts do more than just track viewership; they capture the pulse of global fandoms and cultural zeitgeists. From viral social media hits to major TV events, Vevo stands at the forefront of shaping and reflecting musical preferences and cultural narratives worldwide.

The Future of Music Videos

Vevo’s influence in the music industry is set to grow, reflecting the dynamic and ever-evolving world of music videos. As audiences continue to engage with music videos as a key part of the cultural lexicon, Vevo’s role in the industry remains pivotal, shaping and reflecting worldwide musical trends and preferences.

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