AI Revolution: SoftBank CEO Predicts Superintelligent Machines Within a Decade


  • Masayoshi Son envisions artificial super intelligence (ASI) surpassing human intelligence by 10,000 times within ten years.
  • SoftBank aims to pioneer this AI revolution, shifting focus from past financial setbacks.
  • Son reflects on SoftBank’s mission as pivotal for humanity’s evolution through AI.

The Vision for Artificial Super Intelligence

In a rare public appearance, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son forecasted a groundbreaking leap in artificial intelligence, predicting that machines 10,000 times smarter than humans will emerge within the next decade. Speaking at SoftBank’s annual general meeting, Son introduced the concept of artificial super intelligence (ASI) — a step beyond artificial general intelligence (AGI), which he expects to arrive within the next three to five years.

From AGI to ASI: A New Era

Son described AGI as AI that is one to ten times smarter than humans. This advancement, though significant, would not necessitate a drastic change in human lifestyle. However, the advent of ASI represents a different paradigm — one where AI models interact like neurons in a human brain, leading to unprecedented intelligence and capabilities.

Implications and Ethical Considerations

While the potential of ASI is immense, Son emphasized the importance of ethical considerations and societal readiness. He compared the acceptance of AI in healthcare to its anticipated role in policing and justice, advocating for a balanced approach that maximizes benefits while safeguarding human rights and liberties.

SoftBank’s Strategic Shift

SoftBank, under Son’s leadership, has weathered significant financial challenges, particularly with its Vision Fund’s mixed investment outcomes. Despite previous setbacks, Son’s latest vision signals a renewed focus on AI as a cornerstone for future growth. Following record losses, Son declared a strategic shift from “defense” to “offense,” highlighting AI’s transformative potential as the catalyst for SoftBank’s next phase.

Personal and Corporate Mission

Reflecting on his journey, Son revealed a deeply personal connection to SoftBank’s mission. He articulated a sense of unfulfilled potential and a newfound resolve to drive the evolution of humanity through ASI. This ambitious goal underscores both his personal purpose and SoftBank’s strategic direction.

Ethical Balance and Technological Ambition

The use of AI in various domains, from healthcare to policing, presents both opportunities and challenges. Son called for a nuanced dialogue with the public to address ethical concerns and ensure that AI’s deployment respects human rights while enhancing societal well-being.


SoftBank’s ambitious AI agenda, led by Masayoshi Son, envisions a future where artificial super intelligence revolutionizes every aspect of life. As the company navigates this transformative journey, it seeks to balance technological innovation with ethical responsibility, aiming to contribute significantly to humanity’s evolution through advanced AI.


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