Apple and Meta Eyeing AI Partnership


  • Apple and Meta are exploring ways to integrate Meta’s AI model into Apple’s ecosystem.
  • Apple is also in discussions with other AI startups, aiming to enhance its AI capabilities.
  • The partnership could significantly boost AI subscription revenues and infrastructure costs.

Apple and Meta’s AI Vision

Apple is reportedly in talks with Meta to explore a potential collaboration on artificial intelligence (AI). According to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal, the discussions revolve around integrating Meta’s AI model into Apple’s recently unveiled Apple Intelligence.

Strategic AI Partnerships

Meta, along with other tech companies developing generative AI, is keen to leverage Apple’s extensive distribution network. Apple, on the other hand, aims to partner with leading AI firms such as OpenAI for more advanced AI functionalities. “We wanted to start with the best,” stated Apple’s software leader Craig Federighi, highlighting ChatGPT as a prime choice for Apple users. Federighi also mentioned the potential integration of Google’s AI model, Gemini.

Exploring AI Startups

In addition to Meta, Apple has engaged in talks with AI startups Anthropic and Perplexity, considering their generative AI solutions for Apple Intelligence. While PYMNTS reached out to these companies for comments, responses are still pending.

Financial Implications of AI Partnerships

Gene Munster, an Apple analyst and managing partner at Deepwater Asset Management, discussed the financial impact of these AI partnerships. He projected that ChatGPT usage might double with Apple’s involvement, but this could lead to a 30% to 40% increase in OpenAI’s infrastructure costs.

Munster estimated that 10% to 20% of Apple users might opt for a premium AI subscription, potentially generating billions in revenue for AI firms collaborating with Apple Intelligence. “Distribution is hard to get,” Munster explained, emphasizing the advantage of Apple’s large, engaged user base.

Enhancing Siri and Writing Tools

Apple’s collaboration with OpenAI aims to bolster Siri and Apple’s writing tools with cutting-edge AI capabilities. While Apple has its own AI technology, the company believes in providing users with access to industry-leading AI solutions, such as those offered by OpenAI.

Broader Implications for Tech Partnerships

This move mirrors a broader trend in the tech industry, where companies grapple with the decision to build, buy, or partner for new technologies. As previously reported by PYMNTS, the rapid pace of technological evolution and increasing consumer expectations make third-party partnerships more crucial than ever.

The potential partnership between Apple and Meta, along with discussions with other AI startups, signifies a significant step towards integrating advanced AI into consumer products. This collaboration could reshape the AI landscape, offering enhanced functionalities to Apple users while driving substantial revenue growth for AI companies.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, PYMNTS

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